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  • Sale -57% premium inflatable jacuzzi/spa

    Mi tienda premium inflatable jacuzzi/spa

    Are you looking for a way to relax after a long day of work? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy without leaving your home? Then the Bubble Massage inflatable spa is perfect for you. This high-quality inflatable jacuzzi/spa is designed to provide you with a unique relaxing experience at the touch of a button. The Bubble Massage model can accommodate up to 6 people and features 140 air jets that offer a complete and refreshing bubble massage. Made with PVC tri-layer material with Fiber-Tech Technology, this inflatable spa is extremely durable and resistant. Additionally, its sophisticated cream-toned design seamlessly integrates into any indoor or outdoor space. The Bubble Massage inflatable spa incorporates a compact IPX5 control unit with a water heater for a temperature range between 68ºF and 104ºF, a fast inflation and deflation system, and an adjustable console. It also integrates its own cartridge filter pump with a flow rate of 1741 liters/hour and an anti-calc system to convert hard water into softer water for skin and clothes. To maintain water cleanliness and temperature, the inflatable spa includes 1 ground cloth and 1 insulated cover, 2 S1 filter cartridges, 1 floating chemical dispenser, and 1 carry bag. This inflatable jacuzzi/spa is available in two sizes: 77x28 in and 85x28 in Customers can choose the size that best fits their space and needs. Don't wait any longer to enjoy the relaxation you deserve in your own home. Choose a quality inflatable spa and turn your home into an oasis of tranquility with the Bubble Massage inflatable spa.


  • Sale -50% Friday the 13th Costume: Become the Nightmare of Crystal Lake

    Mi tienda Friday the 13th Costume: Become the Nightmare of Crystal Lake

    Are you ready to delve into the world of terror and the legend of Jason Voorhees? With our spine-chilling Friday the 13th Costume, you can embody the nightmare that has haunted Crystal Lake for decades. This outfit will take you to the heart of the horror genre and turn you into an icon of fear at any Halloween party or horror-themed event. Key Features: Realistic Detail: Our costume has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of Jason Voorhees. With a terrifying hockey mask and a faux blood-stained machete, you'll look like you've stepped straight out of the movie. Comfort and Quality: Despite its spooky appearance, this costume is comfortable to wear throughout the night. It's made from high-quality materials that ensure strength and durability. Variety of Sizes: Available in a wide range of sizes, from young children to adults, so that all Friday the 13th fans can live out their own version of the nightmare. Perfect for Themed Events: In addition to Halloween, this costume is perfect for horror conventions, movie screenings, costume parties, and any occasion where you want to scare your friends. Included Accessories: The set includes the iconic hockey mask and the blood-splattered machete, making your transformation into Jason Voorhees quick and easy. Become the terror legend of Friday the 13th and sow fear in anyone who crosses your path. This costume is a perfect choice for horror movie enthusiasts and those seeking a terrifying experience on Halloween. There's no escaping the nightmare of Crystal Lake! Purchase your Friday the 13th Costume right now and get ready to spook everyone at the next Halloween party or horror event. The legacy of Jason Voorhees lives on in you!


  • Sale -60% Area 51 Alien Mask - Experience the Mystery

    Mi tienda Area 51 Alien Mask - Experience the Mystery

    Get ready for a unique extraterrestrial experience with our Area 51 Alien Mask! This mask will take you straight to the heart of the enigmas and mysteries of Area 51 and turn you into the star of any costume event, Halloween party, or science fiction convention. Key Features: Authentic Alien Design: Our mask has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of beings from another world. Its realistic details and stunning finishes will make you look like a visitor from another planet. Quality and Comfort: Despite its alien appearance, this mask is incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the night. It is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. Optimal Visibility: The mask is designed with strategic openings that allow excellent visibility, meaning you can enjoy the party without restrictions. Versatility of Use: In addition to Halloween, this mask is perfect for science fiction conventions, cosplay events, thematic photo sessions, and any occasion where you want to add a touch of alien mystery. With our Area 51 Alien Mask, you'll become the enigma that everyone wants to uncover at any event. This mask will allow you to delve into extraterrestrial culture and be the center of attention with your otherworldly appearance. Don't miss the opportunity to experience alien intrigue. Buy your Area 51 Alien Mask now and get ready for a night full of mystery and fun on Halloween and beyond!


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